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Download Element 3D exe. Hi, Cheapest Element 3D v2 Sophia Sparrow! Notify me Chapest new posts by email. System Requirements. Just click to the download link and then the download will start. Prev Cheapest Element 3D v2. Find the Video Copilot folder and copy the element and then replace the element and click continue. Enter the Crck folder. Key Features:. Best Antivirus The element is third-party of the After Effects plugin developed by Video Copilot. Perform the installation. But here we are providing you a full free latest version of Element 3D for free. Support for 3D rendering, types of materials, graphics and the ability to create 3D visual effects and sophisticated animations of the features of this powerful plugin; this software is an Open GL 3D object based on the particle engine rendering engine for aftereffect. Download the software and unzip it. Sophia Sparrow.