Taking a deeper look at the historic season that was Vivo IPL 2018, with digital viewership of the tournament breaking global streaming records, and newer ways of watching immersing viewers even deeper into their favourite sport.

The Big News:

  • A season of breaking world records, with the final match clocking 10.3 million concurrent viewers.
  • 3.5X growth in watch time and over 200 million people reached The eleventh season of the tournament bringing new viewers into the fold across digital as well as TV.
  • Players of Watch’N Play clocking 3X more engagement than non-players Bringing interactivity to the viewing experience through the mobile phone, bringing viewers closer to their favourite sport.

The Big News:

  • Nearly 5 times growth in video consumption in the last 12 months.
  • 96 percent of all usage being focused on long form video. This marks an inflexion point in India
    where the early years of online video were characterized by short form consumption from users
    deeply fearful of data charges.
  • The last 12 months have also seen access to data and consumption of video go deeper into inner India. Growth in smaller cities, less than 10 lakh in population, outstripped that in the large metros. And, while the gender gap in access to data persists, affordability is opening up new opportunities for women, with women in smaller cities coming online faster than in the

Other Highlights:

  • Streaming video has hit critical momentum. The Champion’s Trophy Final 2017 on Hotstar hit 4.8 million simultaneous viewers, a record!
  • Streaming habits have gone well beyond being ‘snacky’ time fillers. More and more users are treating the mobile as their first screen.
  • Streamers don’t follow stereotypes. Data reveals that consumption habits cut across stereotypes and traditional boundaries. 26% of Game of Thrones viewers also watched Hindi TV shows; 24% of Modern Family viewers watched cricket; and 50% of watch time of Star Plus’s show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, came from men.
  • While cricket still rules the roost, other sports are sprouting well. VIVO IPL consumption grew nearly 7 times between 2016 and 2017. However, VIVO Pro Kabbadi and Premier League also grew nearly 10 times.